Difference between the "Bundle versions string, short" and the "Bundle version"

2016-03-13 10:28:25 -0400

"Bundle versions string, short" is the version we see it in the App Store, e.g. 1.0.1

"Bundle Version" is the build number, e.g. 12

When you want to submit a new APP but do not want to change the version number, you would just update the build number, with same version string

And build number can/should be start over for every version string

For example, we could have these version and build:

Version:1.0.1 Build:1 Version:1.0.1 Build:2 Version:1.0.1 Build:3

Version:1.0.2 Build:1 Version:1.0.2 Build:2 Version:1.0.2 Build:3 Version:1.0.2 Build:4

Here is a good article if you want to understand all the concepts about this version thing: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/technotes/tn2420/_index.html

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