Docker: No More Virtual Box for Mac OSX and Windows

2016-03-24 22:03:27 -0400

Today docker released a beta version for Mac and Windows users, and docker is not using virtual box and the virtual-box hosted docker-machine anymore

The Docker engine is running in an Alpine Linux distribution on top of an xhyve Virtual Machine on Mac OS X or on a Hyper-V VM on Windows, and that VM is managed by the Docker application. You don’t need docker-machine to run Docker for Mac and Windows.

For Mac OSX, docker is using the, which is built on top of hypervisor framework introduced in OS X v10.10

Hypervisor (Hypervisor.framework). The Hypervisor framework allows virtualization vendors to build virtualization solutions on top of OS X without needing to deploy third-party kernel extensions (KEXTs). Included is a lightweight hypervisor that enables virtualization of the host CPUs.

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e (@ntfs) | @ at 2016-03-27 12:37:
运维大叔你好 XD

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